Do you like to bring the party and make the crowd go wild? We at Placeholder Club welcome DJs from around the globe, playing various genres!
If you are interested in playing at one of the biggest European VRChat clubs, all you have to do is apply by joining the official PHC Discord.
After that send a DM to @Gannen with your application form which must contain:

-Stage Name
-Usual Genre
-Link to an example set for us to review.

After you have been reviewed, you will be DM'd on discord by DutchFox.

Our Club nights are every other weekend, on saturday and have 10 DJs providing the best tunes
for our attendees to dance and party to!

All we ask of our DJs is an audio file of their 30 minute set. We will provide the visuals and stream the sets.

We expect the DJ to be on stage when their set is played. So attendance in VRChat is highly encouraged.

Join the Discord